Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Page 6 by Kelly Doody...

At exactly 7:15 yesterday morning, Energy 101.5 launched what may very well be the most long-awaited, over-hyped radio "experiment" in Canadian history.

But without a doubt, the hype did exactly what it was supposed to do, because legions of listeners immediately chimed in to have their say on what may also be the most wild and wacky thing that's ever been attempted on local airwaves.

Well, aside from the time Gerry Forbes sent two complete strangers down to Vegas to get married one day and divorced the next.

But I digress...

This event, which Energy is adamantly referring to as a "social experiment" rather than a radio contest, is called Two Strangers and a Wedding. It's been done 21 times around the globe, but never in Canada.

It's a wedding where the date has been set (Oct. 30), the location has been decided (Canada Olympic Park) and the details are already being tackled by expert wedding planner Lisa Hanslip.

And lest we forget the involvement of psychologist Dr. Ron Dougan, sex therapist Sheldon Walker, matchmaker Maureen Wagner and spiritual adviser Kjarlune Rae.

The minor catch, however, the one small detail that this team of "experts" seemingly feel they can overlook, is that the pair will have never laid eyes on each other before walking down the aisle and saying 'I do.'

All this hoopla being aimed at supposedly answering the age-old question of whether love is indeed blind, or we do in fact require seeing each other live and in the flesh before walking down the isle and making the commitment to spend a lifetime together.

Kristin called in to ask when the sanctity of marriage became such a joke.

Garth phoned in to say it's ridiculous, but he loves it.

Anonymous declared it'll be like watching a bad chick flick unfold.

And you? A penny for your thoughts.

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